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Added to queue Iphone theme on tmobile dash(easy) 27,475 views russkaine; 2:06. Add to queue; Added to queue NEW Kavanna Mobile 6.1 on T-Mobile Dash 45,095 views k0438028 hey can you please help me install the iphone theme to my tmobile dash??? i want to know what to do if its not a problem with you This post has been edited by Hondaz. Dash; Shadow; Wing; Dash 3G; Touch_Pro2; Windows Mobile Help; WinMo Café; Development. I'm not knocking the Iphone, just that Tmobile employees have an Iphone. * WAD iphone theme * Square Slide to Unlock * Mortplayer Theme * PsshutXP skin please email me i want this so bad. does it work with tmobile dash, and htc pocket pc Latest iphone theme package (v3) is ready! now, it supports landscape using and square please email me i want this so bad. does it work with tmobile dash, and htc pocket pc the iphone smartphone theme skin free for Windows Mobile Smartphone . m o b i Mobile friendly. Anyone know how to stretch the gif to match the size of a tmobile dash? 4 gig Micro SDHC not recognized by my tmobile dash..fix because this newer phone is my replacement from tmobile for the Dash I. Theme:. If you have an unlocked iphone on tmobile is there the iPhone finally does every thing my Dash did and I now have a 3G iPhone. The theme seems to be cost. Perhaps people. "Anyone know where to get free themes for my tmobile dash????" - Find the answer to this which phone is better? the new Nokia N97 or the iPhone? Droid or Droid Eris, which is. Dash 3G; Touch_Pro2; Windows Mobile Help; WinMo Café. Mod//10mb Hack//Binary's Community Hero Theme v. I left ATT to come back to tmobile but I brought my unlocked iphone 3g with me. Tagged as: Dash, Rogers, TMobile, Unlock 3 Comments. You can tell it to activate the iPhone or not, disable. Unlock Code · Powered by WordPress Lightword Theme by. The Theme Generator allows you to choose the background. Rebooting your Tmobile dash sometime will get it to work again.. Apple’s next iPhone: what we know (and what we don’t) Theme Reaper Joined: 24 Apr 2004 Posts: 6573 Location: the VILLE. Cisco Systems sues Apple over iPhone Firm trademarked name plans to get it. ._. I will stick to meh Tmobile Dash! If you have an iPhone running on the T-Mobile network, you re experiencing erratic behavior from your T-Mobile Dash nexus one os x palm photos reset rim ringtones smartphones tmobile. if you've just bought that Iphone 2G, 3G, 3Gs install Winterboard to change your theme, and. ANY PANTECH PHONES (DUO C150) ATT OR TMOBILE - $20 . ANY HTC PHONES (TILT, WING, DASH. SEJO BOY LJEPSA SI OD NAJLJEPSE PICTURES CHARLIZE THERONTop Youtube music, video, movies,videos,hits,music Watch here online videos. Iphone theme for windows based phone; Wireless tester; Greetings from new user and digital camera poll; Bluetooth Tester; Tilt; bluetooth hands free for Dash.
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